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Performance can be broken down into three main areas.
When all three come together you produce the best performance.

If one is slightly off the other two can pull you through to produce a good performance. That is why having good mental skills is important – it can make your performances better even if you are under the weather and have a technical issue.


Mental skills.

This is where we come in! There is a wide variety of basic techniques and more advanced skills to greatly and immediately enhance performance:


Routines – mental rehearsal – emotional balance – being positive, dealing with negativity -- staying in the present – concentration zones – dealing with disappointment and anger – preparation – anxiety and fears – limiting beliefs -- setting and achieving realistic goals – juggling values – physical tools to reduce emotions at critical times


Having a strong mind aids performance. Many sportsmen and women neglect the mental side of things.



Your physical fitness, conditioning – flexibility - core, well being, health issues and preparation such as nutrition and hydration. This aspects are covered by a personal trainer, healthcare professionals, physios, nutritionists etc.


Technical ability

What you work on with a technical coach to improve your ability

Technique – ability – training – coaching – understanding –
analysis - strategy





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